About  Dorothy

Hello, Dia Dhuit, (dee-ya gut)

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I established O'Tuama Tours the year my youngest child went to college in 2016.

I grew up in Inchigeela, a pretty little village in Co Cork. where my parents had a village hotel and bar.

My career spanned  Management and Cookery in the hotel and catering industry in my home, abroad, and in Ireland for many years. More recently as a Failte Ireland Registered Tour Guide, I noticed that my home place of South West Cork and Gaeltacht Múscraí is often overlooked by tourists. It is rich in Irish Heritage, Gaelic Culture, Local Food Producers and it has a farmer producing Buffalo milk cheeses and meat just over the road from me!! And I have not looked back since.


I saw this as an opportunity for me to give back to my community, region and earn a living also. 

My soft Irish lilt, sense of humour, and exceptional knowledge of buffalo farming, heritage, and culture in this region are only part of the story.

I hope to see you there soon,


Slán go fóill-bye for now


Dorothy O' Tuama