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About  Dorothy

Hello, dia ghuit,

I’m a professional Food Tour Guide/ Chef based in Co. Cork, Ireland.

I work in the environs of Cork and Kerry and my local area and consider myself well placed in this region to enhance your visit there. 


I  love exploring my region and place,  always looking to improve my knowledge of lesser-known scenery,  places off the beaten track, and many food producers based in this part of Cork and Ireland.

As an experienced Chef/restauranteur for most of my life, it's been easy for me to share my food and cookery knowledge and so, it bears a large emphasis throughout my tours. I have worked extensively over the years in many hotels, nationally and internationally, and had my own very successful Café in Clonmel, Co Tipperary.   


Since qualifying as a registered Tour Guide in 2016, one of the most exciting tour experiences I offer has come about by providing my guiding services for Johnny Lynch on his Macroom Buffalo Farm in 2016.

On his farm,  Water Buffaloes roam along Co Cork's  River Lee valley, and a variety of creamy Irish Buffalo Cheeses are made every day on his farm. 


As a result, I do understand why the worlds of quality farming life and artisanal food production need to be better understood, maintained, and connected together here in Ireland today.


We all need to support their sustainable and bio-diversity measures, to hold well for our country's future health and welfare.

What better way to understand this than to get up close and personal with all aspects of Irish Farming life and the food we grow and produce there today.


My mission at work is to give all my guests and visitors a real-life, healthy, safe experience they will remember while learning a little more about our Irish local culture, heritage, modern food production, and its provenance.

Slán go fóill,

Bye for now,



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