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Easter Time -Spring Time musings

Hi there everyone, dia diabh go léir,

I can not believe that Easter is here already! Of course, it is early this year on our calendars but no matter what time it comes, it always seems to be the trigger time and season to get ready for new life in nature. And bookings are coming in very well for my Agri- Foodie tours for Johnny's Buffalo Farm.

It's been busy on the farm with a glut of new calves. Even though they calve all year round, either side of each year has the highest volume of new life and introducing them to visitors is always a tour highlight.

This year, Johnny bought the calves a new "toy " to play with and it's been a hoot watching them head butt the big red ball which he has suspended from the barn ceiling! We think Buffalo are mentally like dogs, full of mischief and willingness to please so often put on a show for our visitors!

Here's a few photos to understand my glee at the sight of giddy buff bábóga nua giving it a go!

Happy Easter from me to you!

Card designed by my talented son, Tadhg ÓTuama.

Keeping it in the family and eco friendly!

Mine is a Lindt Milk Choc Bunny! What's yours?

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